June 2008

June what a month. Since I am just starting this June will be all lumped into one sorry. As some of you may know. We started our move to Florida. It was a long drive down here from Colorado even with the week break in Missouri. We got down here and roasted on our first weekend here. the first Saturday we looked at 3 houses and found one we loved except for the yellow walls (ewwww) So after all the paper work and hubby starting his new job all has been ok untill we try to close on the houses....

Life here is very hectic now. We are/were to close on the house a week ago and things just keep coming up and its driving all of us crazy. The first bank said they they would have it to us and the day before closing they said that they were backed up on VA loans and would not get to ours for at least a week or 2. The new bank is looking over a few documents and lets just say they are taking their sweet time and no care for anyone but themselves. Since getting to Fl we have moved 4 times from the hotel to base to a different room on base back to the hotel. Lets hope our next move is into our house! We are having issues with getting the loan back from the bank on time and its getting to a daily occurrence to call and keep on the financial lady to keep on the lender so we can close soon. We have had Rosie with us half of our trip and found a kennel for which can keep her till the 3rd of July so lets hope we get our house soon so Kiddo can get her buddy back. other the that Florida is great just hot all the time . Well better log for know and enjoy the pictures since it is now July. Yippee

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