July 14

Uggg that is all I have to say. Florida is hot and rains all the time you would think the rain would cool it down but no it just get hotter. I pray for over cast days so its not so hot.

lets see I know I am behind so this is what is going on.

We had our first over night guest over the 4th it was fun we went to Bush Gardens in tampa on the 4th and still need to go back cause we didnt see it all due to the over an hour wait in lines for rides and such. The next day we did univeral studios and Island adventure in Orlando it was cool that day was hell though it was hot and kiddo was bored cause there were not many things she could go on.

On the 7 th our stuff arrived so we now have beds and all our things here if I can just get through all the boxes. I decided to put off painting for now till we get things where they need to go as I am still living out of a duffle bag uggg. Our dog has gotten out 3 times and she will be an indoor dog / out dog. We were told that she is doing it cause she misses us since she has been in the house with us or the car/hotel/kennel. around people all the time. So when I get everything unpacked I will start on giving her some more training.

The 11 th we got the internet, cable, and phone hooked up so that is nice to have it up and going again. Thats about all I know I am going to leave one parting shot though

PEOPLE WE are NOT in high school any more!!! Don't fight with your hubby/boyfriend and put words and blame others for your thoughts that you are to scared to tell them. Your old enough to but 2 and 2 together and get 4 so stop with the pity act and get off your butt and do something about it.

Ok just had to get that out there.

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